2008– expert associate in the performance »Vacation from History«, by manifold awarded theatre troupe     Shadow Casters

2007costume designer for the play »Još nešto o ljubavi« (Something more about love) directed by Radovan Marcic

-presenting my work at the international theatre design exhibition the Prague Quadriennale

2006 –  co-author of the costumes in the opera »Don Giovanni«, by O.Tambosi in the  Croatian National Theatre Zagreb

–             interior decorating of the Confectionery HORAK at Hoto Villas in Samobor

–             stylist for the X-nation, 2006 Spring-Summer Catalogue

2005group exhibition »Scenska umjetnost u Hrvatskoj« (Performing art in Croatia) at the ULUPUH Gallery, Tkalcic Street, Zagreb

–             costume designer of the »Proces_City, Part 02« performed by Shadow Casters and directed by Boris Bakal

2004costume designer for the performance »Ah, My Pinocchio«, directed by D.Ferencina in the Children’s Theatre Dubrava

2003   in charge of costumes for the show »Master Pathelin«, directed by Marica Grgurinovic, Split City Youth Theatre

2004  costume designer for the Dance Studio, choreography by Desanka Virant, Zagreb Youth Theatre (ZYT/ZKM)

2002costume designer , ” U lugu onomuj”, by Rene medvešek, Dubrovnik, Marin Držić

2001   – co-author of the costumes for the show »Eko Eko« by Ladislav Vindakijevic, the City Cherry Theatre

–             complete costume design of the show »Brother Donkey« directed by Rene Medvesek. The show received multiple awards.

–             in charge of costumes in the performance »Norci« by S. Matanovic, Dubrava Theatre. The performance was repeatedly awarded.

–             costume designer for the show »A Hell of a Storm and a Wailing Wind« by D. Madaric in the Children’s Theatre Osijek

–             costume design in Marin Drzic Theatre, Dubrovnik, for the performance »When the Sun Goes Down« directed by Tea Gjergizi

2000   – in charge of the costumes for the show »The Good Soldier Sveik and His Fortunes in the World War«, casting five actors with ninety-eight role-plays, directed by Damir Madaric in the Virovitica Theatre

–             costume designer for »Confession« Fran Galovic, a show by D. Madaric

–             costume designer for the performance »Jalnuševčani« by Drazen Ferencina in the Virovitica Theatre

–             assisstant costume designer to Danica Dedijer in »A Midsummer Night’s Dream« directed by Snjezana Banovic and produced by Lynn Montgomery

–             in charge of costumes in a show by  Franka Perkovic called »Čarobna frulica« (The little magic flute), realized in the Dubrava Theatre

–             co-author of the costumes with Goran Lelas in the performance »Alice From the Computer« in Marin Drzic Theatre, Dubrovnik, direction by Matko Raguz

1999 – first independently realised costume design for the show »The Death of Gogol and Donadini« in the Virovitica Theatre, directed by D. Madaric

–             costume, set and poster designer for the show »Varalice« (Swindlers) by Danijel Kusan in the Gavella Drama Theatre, Zagreb

–             in Virovitica Theatre, costume design for the performance »Secret Friends« by D. Madaric

–             assisstant costume designer to Danica Dedijer in the performance »A Zagreb Legend«, directed by Josko Juvancic

–             under the artistic leadership of Dunja Vejzovic, the baton of Mladen Tarbuk and watchful director eye of Rene Medvesek the Zagreb Summer Festival presents the opera »Julius Caesar in Egypt«, I am assisstant costume designer to Irena Sušec

–             in charge of selection of the costumes for the show »Doktor pod mus/ Le Medecin Volant« by Drazen Ferencina performed during the 14th Zagreb Histrionic Summer

1998 – assisstant costume designer to Dzenisa Medvedec for the ballet »Don’t Step on        the Grass… Falling Angels« of a French choreographer Ivan Favier in the Croatian   National Theatre Zagreb

–             in the performance »Histo/eriada« directed by Zlatko Vitez in the Kerempuh Satirical Theatre, assisstant costume designer to Danica Dedijer

–             co-author of the costumes for the show »The Most Beautiful Night« by Hrvoje Hitrec in the Cherry Theatre

–             costume designer for the performance »The Hedgehog and the Rabbit« by D. Madaric

1997 – assisstant costume designer to Danica Dedijer on the »King Lear« by Ivica Kuncevic, CNT Zagreb

1996– a year after finishing my studies I accept an invitation by professor Tonci Vladislavic to work as an assisstant costume designer on the film »Mondo Bobo« under the direction of Goran Rusinovic. The film received multiple awards from domestic and foreign festivals